Comments to „Position paper presented by Biotechnology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences concerning recent amendments to GMO legislation in Poland”

Tomasz Twardowski, Piotr Węgleński


The successful development of our country's economy requires reliance on knowledge. Poland urgently needs the use of innovative solutions, like modern biotechnology, in the economy. Genetic engineering techniques are crucial for obtaining bioenergy, biopharmaceuticals and biomaterials. Without a progress in these three sectors of bioeconomy further economic development of our country will not be possible in this century. It is an adequate legislation, based on knowledge, that can guarantee progress and development of innovative technologies. Polish biotechnologists, as well as all the scientists who use genetic engineering techniques, express serious concern over the Law on Genetically Modified Organisms amendments enacted 28 November, 2014, by the Polish Parliament. This law is overly restrictive.


bioeconomy; legislation; biotechnology; genetic engineering

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