Antropologia kultury Wojciecha J. Burszty


  • Jan Grad Wydział Antropologii i Kulturoznawstwa, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu

Słowa kluczowe:

Wojciech Burszta, anthropology of culture, ethnology, culture


Wojciech Józef Burszta (1957–2021) was one of the most prominent Polish anthropologists. He specialized in the theory and methodology of ethnology, cultural anthropology, cultural studies, folk and popular culture, and anthropology of the present. He is the author of several hundred works in these fields. The importance of his achievements for cultural studies is unquestionable. His researches largely defined the shape of Polish cultural anthropology. In 1979, he graduated from ethnography at the Historical Faculty at Adam Mickiewicz University. In 1984, he received his PhD in Ethnology. In 1993, he obtained a readership (habilitation) and in 1998 he became a professor. He played an important role in the community of cultural researchers. He was a member of the Committee on Ethnological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Committee on Polish Diaspora of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Cultural Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (member and chairman). His activity in scientific life also included participation in scientific societies: the Polish Folk Society and the Polish Cultural Studies Society, the Polish Sociological Society and the European Association of Social Anhtropology. He worked in scientific councils and editorial committees of Polish and international journals.