Jak zaprzyjaźnić naukowca z przedsiębiorcą? Konferencja Polish Scientific Networks: Science and Business


  • Anna Ajduk Wydział Biologii, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Klub Stypendystów Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej

Słowa kluczowe:

social capital, networking, science, industry, education, mobility


Polish Scientific Networks: Science and Business conference was held on 30 June – 2 July 2016 in EIT+ Wroclaw Research Centre. Its main aim was to facilitate networking between young Polish researchers working in Poland and abroad, both in academia and in industry. The article focuses on one of the many subjects brought up during the conference panel discussions, i.e. on different ways of increasing the social capital in Poland in order to enhance successful collaborations between science and industry. I discuss the role of education and international  and intersectoral mobility in changing people’s mindset: teaching them mutual trust and opening them for challenge.