Tworzenie silnej uczelni – z doświadczeń Politechniki Wrocławskiej


  • Wacław Kasprzak Politechnika Wrocławska

Słowa kluczowe:

higher education system, multilevel university hierarchy, scientific investigations


This paper described the evolution in organization of scientific investigation and creation of doctors study in Wrocław Technical University during 1962 up to 1990. There is a full description of new organization of university, liquidation of multilevel hierarchy and special systems of management of big scientific programs. Main success of this evolution is connected with education of young scientist using for this purpose doctors degree study and cooperation with European and American universities, sending young candidates to doctors degree study, and postdoctoral study. Wrocław Technical University got during this time very rich experience in
cooperation with industry, which help in financing scientific and development investigations. There is also the description of Marczewski’s ten commandments and its success in Wrocław
academic center, especially in development of mathematics.