Artists and the audit culture. The impact of the research evaluation system on higher art education

Zofia Smolarska, Kamila Lewandowska, Emanuel Kulczycki


The article presents the results of research on the impact of the Polish system of research evaluation on art universities and the scholarly (research and artistic) activity of their employees. The research is based on interviews conducted with 60 employees of public art colleges and art faculties operating at universities. The results suggest that the evaluation system has an impact on both the research and artistic activities of employees and the functioning of the university. This impact includes the use by academics and university managers of a variety of strategies and ways of ‘gaming’ undertaken to meet the requirements of the evaluation system. At the same time, our study showed that the impact of the evaluation system depends on the broader context of the functioning of art universities, which operate at the interface of two sectors: culture and science.


higher art education; research evaluation; artistic disciplines; higher education research

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