Women who were the first Polish pharmacists

Dorota Pietrzkiewicz


The article discusses the efforts of Polish women to be admitted to pharmaceutical studies and to obtain the right to practice as a pharmacist. Based on the published memoirs of one of the first three students of the Pharmaceutical Department of the Jagiellonian University Jadwiga Klemensiewiczowa nee Sikorski (Przebojem ku wiedzy) and the world's first owner of a female pharmacy Antonina Leśniewska (Po neprotorennoj doroge) the struggle of pharmacy pioneers in the fight for equality and professional emancipation was presented. There was also mention of a precedent on a global scale, i.e. obtaining a master's degree in pharmacy by the sisters Konstancja and Florentyna Studziński who were the first women in Europe to do so before the gates of the Galician university were opened to women. Stanisława Dowgiałłówna and Janina Kosmowska were also among the first Polish pharmacists, who practiced this profession.


history of pharmacy; women who were the first Polish pharmacists; Konstancja Studzińska; Filipina Studzińska; Stanisława Dowgiałłówna; Janina Kosmowska; Jadwiga Sikorska; Antonina Leśniewska

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