The crisis of an educating society. Warning hypotheses – valid (?) thirty years of later

Zbigniew Kwieciński


More than a quarter of a century ago, the author published some hypotheses warning again the fact the Polish school and society may, over an extended period, have and anti-educational effect, in they may be strongly impending the development of young people towards realizing their full potential, towards humanity civic ownership. Despite the great transformation which have occurred in Poland these hypotheses have unfortunately been proven right. This is due to inextricable combination of dependency, and authoritarianism in Poland’s more and less distant as well as the contradictory actions of main actors of the educating society including the alternative between liberal and conservative governments and the political power of the Catholic Church. Creating some opportunities for development would require common strategic action in favour of democratic and emancipatory education, undertaken together by all the actors of the educating society: experts, educational leaders, teachers, parents, local governments, the mass media, and national government. However, chances for such a change in the foreseeable future are slim.


anti-educational society; hypothesis of entangled blockages to development; opportunities emancipatory education

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