An ethics, a psychology or a philosophy of science?

Zbigniew Spendel


This article is a certain kind of polemic about Lilla’s Moroz-Grzelak “Ethics in research and impunity of anonymous reviewers” published in Nauka 1/2013, pp. 77-81. The main hidden arguments set by L. Moroz-Grzelak are reconstructed and their falsity is exhibited. In the opinion of author of this article inter alia: reviewers in fact are not fully anonymous, critiques are not the only way to appropriate ideas of reviewed authors, and research problems are not a property of concrete researchers. In conclusion is pointed out that such ideas like that which are presented by L. Moroz-Grzelak may become arguments for believers of post-modernistic way of conducting the scientific research.


ethic of science; psychology of science; philosophy of science; post-modernism

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