Zdzisław Chlewiński (1929–2021) – psycholog, badacz, człowiek dialogu…


  • Jerzy M. Brzeziński członek rzeczywisty PAN, Wydział Psychologii i Kognitywistyki UAM
  • Piotr K. Oleś Instytut Psychologii KUL JPII

Słowa kluczowe:

Zdzisław Chlewiński, cognitive psychology, human cognition, methodology


Professor Zdzislaw Chlewinski was the creator and head of the Department of Experimental Psychology at the Catholic University of Lublin. His main interests were focused on decision-making and risk-taking, and in general – on human cognition, including errors in thinking. As a scholar, researcher and educator, he was concerned with methodological precision and the use of computational methods in psychological research. As a man of science and a Catholic priest, he was distinguished by his open-mindedness, cognitive curiosity, tolerance and social commitment. The article presents the Professor's scientific profile and research, publication and organizational achievements.