Stacje naukowe PAN w Paryżu i Brukseli: program merytoryczny, wsparcie administracyjne, komunikacja


  • Tomasz Poprawka Biuro Promocji Nauki PolSCA w Brukseli
  • Kamil Szafrański Stacja Naukowa PAN w Paryżu do czerwca 2021

Słowa kluczowe:

Polish Academy of Sciences, foreign scientific center, international scientific cooperation, science diplomacy, scientific outreach, science policy


Through this article, the current director of the PolSCA Office in Brussels (Dr. Tomasz Poprawka) and former director of the PAS Scientific Center in Paris (Dr. Kamil Szafrański) share their reflections and thus contribute to the discussion on the functioning and role of foreign centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In response to the article co-authored by the former directors of the PAS stations in Vienna, Paris and Brussels – in which they initiated the debate – the authors present their own perspective on a vision of the balanced operation of the stations in three key areas: the action plan, administrative support and communication. Having in mind an effective operation of the PAS centers abroad, the authors wish to share their ideas, based on the experience to date. These include strengthening of the stations in the future, taking up new challenges and searching for innovative solutions for their continuous development, thus meaningfully contributing to the promotion of Polish science abroad. At the same time, the authors declare their willingness to take part in further discussions on the role and operationality of the Academy’s scientific centers abroad. This publication consists of the following elements: introduction, discussion of issues related to science diplomacy, lobbying and advocacy of interests, analysis of administrative issues, an outline of aspects of internal communication and external dissemination, and a summary.