Profesor Władysław Kazimierz Welfe (1927-2013) – wspomnienie


  • Władysław Milo Instytut Ekonometrii, Katedra Ekonometrii Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego


Władysław K. Welfe was one of the most prominent Polish statisticians, econometricians, economists, widely known also in the world. He originated Lodz’s and Polish school of modeling and forecasting Polish national economy and its sectors as are understood by Polish Central Statistical Office. He was graduated in 1949 at the University of Lodz Faculty of Law and Economics. He was active in many fields, i.e. science, education, administration. His participation in many national committees (for research grants, scientific prizes), organization of new scientific institutions (Research Group for Modeling National Economies), AMFET – society were internationally well recognized. Great long-run achievement of his origin is 40-years existing international conference “Macromodels” gathering researches from Poland and other East-European countries, as well as their western counterparts. He was very effectively fulfilling Deans duties (4 times), and pro-Rector’s of the University of Lodz duties. From his initiative originated Department of Econometrics was headed by him from 1965 till 1966 and Institute of Econometrics and Statistics of which he was director in the period 1966-1999. He was also the Chairman of the Econometrics and Statistics Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, active member- correspondent of PAN, member of Ukraine Academy of Sciences, EEA, AESAL, IIOA, EES, ŁTN. Scientific recognition brought him the titles of  doctor honoris causa Uppsala Univ., Lyon II Univ., Economic Academy of Cracow, University of Lodz. He promoted 150 M.Sc, 37 Ph.D, 16 habilitation theses. He was author or coauthor of 68 monographs over 300 articles and 4 textbooks. He was distinguished by Polish Government giving him many prizes, medals crossers (including officer, and commodore crosses with star).