Zagraniczne stacje naukowe PAN Stacja w Rzymie – z doświadczeń dyrektora


  • Piotr Salwa członek korespondent PAN, dyrektor Stacji Naukowej PAN w Rzymie w latach 2013–2020

Słowa kluczowe:

Polish Academy of Sciences, foreign scientific centre, promotion of science, international scientific cooperation, science diplomacy


The article is intended to be an appendix to an earlier discussion on the activities of the foreign scientific centres of the Polish Academy of Sciences (“Nauka” 4/2020 and 2/2021). It presents another case study, namely the centre situated in Rome – one of the eldest Polish centres abroad – its historical background and heritage as well as its recent activities. It points out also some actual present problems and challenges in order to stimulate a broader debate on how the PAS foreign centres could be better used to promote and disseminate the achievements of Polish researchers.