Kwiaty zła jako cyrograf. Satanizm w lirykach Baudelaire’a


  • Jan Tomkowski Instytut Badań Literackich PAN, Warszawa

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Baudelaire, satanizm, french poetry


Baudelaire’s Catholicism seems difficult to interpret, therefore some authors declare the poet a Satanist. In my opinion, this is rather problematic to call Charles Baudelaire a Satanist. It is very debatable and doubtful, but there are several reasons for this. In the collection of poetry entitled “Les Fleurs du mal” (“The Flowers of Evil”), Baudelaire gave a voice to the Devil many times. He wrote a scandalous poem “Litanies de Satan” (“The Litany of Satan”). In fact, Satan tempts us and leads us, after all he is closer to man that God! Was Baudelaire a Satanist? It is question to be answered.