Aktualizacja potencjału człowieka jako kryterium pomyślności jego rozwoju


  • Błażej Smykowski prof. UAM, Instytut Psychologii UAM

Słowa kluczowe:

potential, actualization, adaptation, cultural development, probabilistic epigenesis, conflict, environment, fast-changing, unpredictability


The article is an invitation to discuss the way of understanding human development as an actualization of individual’s potential. I present two opposite approaches to this particular problem: human development as choosing preferable potentials and also as striving to actualization of, in some way, every potential, especially these which concern the uniqueness of an individual. In the following parts of the article I locate the problem of human potential in three main discourses regarding: 1) human nature and its origin, 2) the possibility of full experience of individual lifespan 3) the possibility of influence through people on the content and the form of their actualizing potential. To the latter and strictly practical issue I pay most attention. I formulate five thesis regarding this issue. They may, in my opinion, be a starting point to discuss the general problem mentioned above. Therefore, they encourage to think about the mechanism of human development and the future environment of his life.