Doktorat „wdrożeniowy”. Uwagi krytyczne na marginesie rozwiązań ustawowych przyjętych w 2017 r.


  • Dominik Szulc Instytut Historii im. Tadeusza Manteuffla, Polska Akademia Nauk, Warszawa

Słowa kluczowe:

PhD “implementation”, industrial property law, invention, patent, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, entrepreneur


The article is a part of materials regarding current problems of Polish science and higher education. It provides an in-depth analysis of the Act on degrees and academic titles as well as several other laws which introduce the so-called Ph.D. implementation in Poland. These laws were adopted by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland in April 2017. The author focuses on several problems, discussing them in separate chapters. The article also tries to predict the far-reaching results of the new rules. At the same time, the author proposes specific solutions that should be included in the future in the Act on degrees and academic titles, or in the Act of industrial property. They should eliminate the negative effects of conflicts between the provisions of various legal acts.