Nauka jako kontemplacja


  • Michał Heller Centrum Kopernika Badań Interdyscyplinarnych, Kraków

Słowa kluczowe:

science, theory, contemplation, research process, university, invisible college


Each scientists lives in a “theoretical world”, even if she/he works in applications of science. The word “theory” is rich in meaning. In the ancient Greek it meant contemplation and, in Plato’s view, the soul may, through contemplation, ascend to the world of divine Forms or Ideas. The contemporary understanding of the term “theory” is the outcome of a long process of our struggle to comprehend the Universe. We are now witnessing drastic changes in education and in the very idea of university. We should try to steer this process rather than to slow it down or reverse it. However, we should never lose sight of the Great Idea – Science as Contemplation.