Parametryzacja i kategoryzacja jednostek naukowych w roku 2013 jako praktyka ewaluacyjna i proces instytucjonalny – przypadek nauk humanistycznych i społecznych


  • Ireneusz Sadowski Instytut Studiów Politycznych PAN
  • Bogdan W. Mach Instytut Studiów Politycznych PAN

Słowa kluczowe:

parametrization, evaluation, reform of science in Poland, funding of science, Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Units


The article aims to review and discuss the 2013-14 evaluation of scientific units in Poland in two perspectives. As an evaluative practice the currently concluded parameterization has had its advantages and drawbacks. Since there are reasons to believe that this practice will become a permanent element of scientific policy, all the deficiencies and especially some crucial loopholes should be eliminated. We try to indicate the latter and give some guidelines on how this could be done. At the same time the evaluation of scientific units can be seen as a part of a broader scientific policy of Polish state, and apart from the problems of reliability and validity, the issues of legitimacy, autonomy and self-direction are at play. We claim that some more general considerations concerning public funding of science are needed if the further reinstitutionalization of Polish science (see Kwiek 2012) is to be achieved.