Stanowisko Prezydium Polskiej Akademii Nauk dotyczące gazu ziemnego znajdującego się w warstwach łupkowych (tzw. gazu łupkowego)


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shale gas, exploration, Polish Academy of Sciences


The statement presented from the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences, related to natural gas in shale strata (so-called shale gas), was adopted on the 11th of March, 2014. The statement was prepared on the basis of partial reports from the appropriate Committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It presents a concise assessment of the current state of the exploration of shale gas, the state of recognition of its resources, as well as selected environmental and economic aspects related to the potential development of shale gas resources in Poland. The statement also presents the opinion of the Polish Academy of Sciences on the scope of necessary scientific and R&D works and their organization, which should aid in the prospecting and exploration of deposits of shale gas, as well as their potential future development.