Na rozstajach nauk, czyli rzecz o obronie habilitacji


  • Józef Wojnarowski Politechnika Śląska

Słowa kluczowe:

habilitation, nomination by competition, professorship


The article discusses some threats and side effects caused by the elimination the habilitation degree and replacing it by the professional doctor title according to the proposition of the reform of law concerning the scientific degrees and titles. One of these threats is the lack of transparency in the proposed nomination procedure to choice candidates for the professor degree. Due to the abolishment of the habilitation degree the scientific level of professors may be decreased, where the introduction of professional doctors is contradictory with the tradition of granting the scientific doctor degree. That’s the doctor which is the teacher – the master, someone who is teaching, qui is docet! Such a doctor – teacher means a profession itself and therefore the additional title „professional” is not necessary. The habilitation degree being introduced by the Polish President Ignacy Mościcki in 1933, seems to be the best way to grant the professor degree, being the guarantee for development of the science and self-reliance of the author taking into account his broad knowledge of the science.





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