Proces doktoryzowania i habilitowania w kontekście projektu reformy


  • Czesław Grabarczyk emerytowany profesor nauk technicznych

Słowa kluczowe:

university education reform, getting doctorate and post doctorate, promoting research workers, research qualifications


The subject of the article is the analysis of the assumptions of the reform in educating and promoting the research workers and the reasons of unreasonably prolonged time of getting research qualifications indispensable in obtaining post-doctoral and professor degree. Therefore, the assumption was made that the basic condition to promote the research workers is not obtaining the appropriate degrees but research qualifications, while the degree remains only the necessary indication of such qualifications. Taking into consideration the significant differences in the aims of getting doctorate and post-doctorate degrees, the characteristics of the current procedure of research workers education was presented, and the predicted negative results of the post-doctorate elimination were introduced. The survey of the necessary conditions among others the assignement of active and professional research supervisor and the necessity of participation in specialist interuniversity research seminars, was presented as an accelerating factor on the process of obtaining the appropriate research qualifications. The key role of a professor was stressed here. On account of the above, the conditions to be fulfilled by the applicants to the title of the professor were put forward.