Department of Plant Molecular Physiology


Prof. Michał Jasiński



Dr. Joanna Banasiak

dr Wanda Biała-Leonhard

Aleksandra Pawela, MSc



PhD Students:

Tomasz Jamruszka, MSc;

Konrad Pakuła, MSc






Key words:

ABC transporters, legume plants, Medicago truncatula, secondary metabolites, signaling, symbiosis, mycorrhiza, nodulation, biotechnology, genetic engineering

Scientific profile:

The  Department of Plant Molecular Physiology represents an interdisciplinary unit with its major scientific interests devoted to gene organization and function, characterization of active transport systems in higher plants, analysis of proteins and nucleic acids, bioinformatics and phytochemistry. Our major interest is in the identification and elucidation of the function of plant ABC-type proteins. This numerous transporters play an important role in modulation of plant environment interactions being a part of plant basal immune system implicated in the secretion of defensive/signaling secondary metabolites/molecules. We have performed a systematic search for genes coding putative ABC transporters in Medicago truncatula. At current state of art more than 30 genes coding the so called full size MtABCG transporters have been identified. We are conducting the functional analyses of selected Medicago ABCGs with molecular biology tools. Moreover  we are developing transformation facilities, in vitro protocols, and applying chromatography (HPLC, LC-MS) for metabolomic studies in order to understand the role of transport systems like ABC proteins in the distribution of plant natural products.


Current research activity

  • The profile of our research considers: (i) identification of new members of ABC family in Medicago truncatula, (ii) functional characterization of selected candidates, and (iii) study of the role of active transport systems in natural product distribution.


Most important research achievements:

  •  Systematic classification of the genes coding  ABCG transporters in model legume plant Medicago truncatula

Evidence that the full-size ABCG protein is involved in the translocation of early intermediates from the  phenylpropanoid biosynthetic pathway.

Presenting ABCGs as modulators of isoflavonoid levels in legumes during biotic stress.

  • LC/MS profiling of flavonoid glycoconjugates isolated from hairy roots, suspension root cell cultures and seedling roots of Medicago truncatula


Actual research projects:

  • 2013/10/M/NZ3/00260, 2014-2017  ABA transport in legumes - between drought stress responses and nitrogen fixation efficiency
  • 2015/19/B/NZ9/03548 2015-2019 The role of membrane transporters in the cytokinin signaling upon Legume- Rhizobia Symbiosis
  • 2015/17/D/NZ3/03625, 02.2016-02.2019Active transport systems as an element that controls the molecular cross-talk between symbionts during arbuscular mycorrhiza formation

Selected publications:

Wanda Biała, Joanna Banasiak, Karolina Jarzyniak, Aleksandra Pawela, Michał Jasiński Medicago truncatula ABCG10 is a transporter of 4-coumarate and liquiritigenin in the medicarpin biosynthetic pathway JEXBOT-2016-191973 ID: erx059

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K.M. Jarzyniak, M. JasińskiMembrane transporters and drought resistance - a complex issueFrontiers in Plant Science 5:687, 1-15, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00687 (2014).

J. Banasiak, M. JasińskiDefence, symbiosis and ABCG transporters. W: Plant ABC Transporters; Signaling and Communication in Plants Springer International Publishing Switzerland 22, 163-184 (2014).

J. Banasiak, W. Biała, A. Staszków, B. Swarcewicz, E. Kępczyńska, M. Figlerowicz, M. Jasiński A Medicago truncatula ABC transporter belonging to subfamily G modulates the level of isoflavonoids. Journal of Experimental Botany 64, 1005-15 (2013).

Jasinski M, Banasiak J, Radom M, Kalitkiewicz A, Figlerowicz M. Full-size ABC transporters from the ABCG subfamily in medicago truncatula. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2009 Aug;22(8):921-31