Mastering Demographic Change in Europe – 8 European Academies’ Statement


  • 8 European Academies’ Statement

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population reproduction, demographic structures, policy challenges, life-course


Low fertility rates, an ageing population and increased migration within Europe define a current and future population developments. The joint statement of academies of science from eight countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom) calls for an adequate response to demographic change by policy makers at the European and country levels in the context of climate change and shortages in natural resources. The document
defines main policy challenges to social development and economic growth, in particular to employment, health, education, living conditions and quality of life, and formulates some recommendations concerning appropriate policy responses. Policymaking should be based on a systematic and life-course approach and provide institutional settings supportive for flexible life-course patterns (more frequent moves between learning, working and private/family life).
Moreover, well-informed policy should be based on monitoring and research, which require highquality data.