Poznań jako ośrodek naukowy – pozycja w kraju i w Europie


  • Roman Słowiński członek korespondent PAN, prezes Oddziału PAN w Poznaniu, Instytut Informatyki Politechniki Poznańskiej

Słowa kluczowe:

scientific research, evaluation of research, scientific achievements of Poznań research institutions, funding of research projects


The paper aims at presenting a synthetic image of a current potential and main achievements of scientific research institutions from the region of Poznań in the last decade, with an emphasis on the last five years. This image is set up of data provided by twenty eight institutions, including eight public universities, thirteen research institutes and laboratories of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and seven industry R&D institutes. The following features characterize the image: (i) numbers of researchers and doctorants in the institutions, (ii) quality ranks of research units assigned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, (iii) prestigious awards and other proofs of excellence of the researchers, (iv) publications and patents, (v) dynamics of scientific careers, (vi) efficiency of application for research grants from national and European funds.