Słowa wyzbyte swych znaczeń Czy warto angielskie terminy naukowe tłumaczyć na język polski?


  • Piotr Łuczyński Uniwersytet Warszawski, Instytut Geologii Podstawowej, Warszawa

Słowa kluczowe:

Polish language, English language, language development and stagnation, words etymological and semantic dimensions, geology


We live in times of the domination of English language, both in common speech and in scientific nomenclature. In many fields of science, attempts to create Polish terminology have almost completely been abandoned. Among others, this is an effect of publishing in English, mainly in journals from Philadelphia List, which in itself is positive, as it is the only way, in which Polish science can take part in global circulation of ideas. However, resignation of writing in Polish results in a lack of need to create new terms and in consequence, in stagnation in the development of Polish language. In effect it is necessary to use English terms in lectures, on seminars and ever on lessons in secondary schools. Apart from stopping the Polish language from developing, the main negative result of implementing English terms into Polish is the loss of their semantic and etymological dimensions. Words are understood also thanks to the semantic associations they offer. Words comprehensible in English linguistic surrounding because of their etymological associations with the described feature, are semantically blank in Polish. The paper presents the situation in geology; however the problem is broader and applies also to other fields of science.