Monografia Jana Strelaua Różnice indywidualne. Historia – determinanty – zastosowania


  • Elżbieta Hornowska Instytut Psychologii Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań

Słowa kluczowe:

differential psychology, individual differences, monograph, Jan Strelau


From the beginning differential psychology has been a central concern to psychologists, from both theoretical and applied point of view. The monograph Individual differences: history – determinants – applications by Jan Strelau integrates scientific research in cognitive and social psychology, genetics and biology, neuroscience, psychometrics and methodology. Particular domains of interest are discussed from the historical and contemporary perspective. This allows to keep track of trends and paths which psychology of individual differences has followed. The author gives an insight into theoretical solutions and ways of psychological construct operationalization as well as methodological rules and measuring tools used in different stages of its development. Jan Strelau is an active researcher in the field of individual differences. Known primarily from studies on temperament, has a uncommon ability to generate, synthesize and communicate knowledge. A comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that characterized his own research is also the main characteristic of his monograph Individual differences.





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