W przededniu. Stefan Żeromski w Niepodległej


  • Alina Kowalczykowa Instytut Badań Literackich PAN, Warszawa

Słowa kluczowe:

legend of Żeromski, independence, publicistic activity


This article is a part of the recently completed author’s book about Stefan Żeromski. Year 1918 was crucial for the literary creativity of Stefan Żeromski. Period of the Poland’s subjugation came to an end. It opened long term perspectives for the reborn country. Żeromski in the changing historical situation remained the spiritual leader of Polish people. He wrote and took action, tried to initiate a discussion on the most important issues of his country. In his political essays he elaborated on the ideas drawn among others from Edward Abramowski and called for the moral transformation of the nation.