Education as a progress blockade. The hypotheses of disfunctionality after 20 years


  • Zbigniew Kwieciński członek korespondent PAN, Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa, Wrocław

Słowa kluczowe:

dysfunctional education, paradox of ideological inversion, miseducational society, blockade of moral growth, crisis of educational reason


The author indicates that after 20 years of systemic change in Poland hypotheses of disfunctionality of education system made at this period are still up-to-date. These hypotheses concerned:
the role of school system in deepening social differences, blocking moral growth of youth, inadequacy of educational institutions changes to the transformation of their setting, the backwardness of science of education, lack of recognition of education significance (importance) in public discourse and confusion (chaos) connected with people’s outlook of life and permanent anomy. The great chance for new Age of Enlightenment was replaced with common crisis of reason.