Krytyka. Imponderabilia i strategia


  • Stanisław Filipowicz członek korespondent PAN, Instytut Nauk Politycznych, Uniwersytet Warszawski

Słowa kluczowe:

science, autonomy, criticism, utility, communication


The article looks at the problem of criticism. How should we understand the role of criticism, staying in line with the noble tradition establishing the autonomy of science as a fundamental priority? This is the crucial question, framing the field of consideration. The question is put in a perspective created by an ongoing discussion exploring the mission of PAS. On the one hand criticism is viewed as the cornerstone of the scientific ethos, a key element shaping the particular profile of science. On the other hand it is approached as a necessary element of a communication strategy which should offer solutions protecting the interests of science, facing the challenges of late modern consumerism, with its patronizing understanding of science, reducing science to a specific form of “on demand” service and the source of profits. By combining these two perspectives the article tries to highlight fundamental questions concerned with the mission of PAS.