Zmiany w morskich i lądowych ekosystemach (zachodnia Antarktyka, Szetlandy Południowe, Zatoka Admiralicji)


  • Stanisław Rakuza-Suszczewski członek korespondent PAN, Warszawa

Słowa kluczowe:

maritime ecosytem, coastal ecosystem, South Shetlands, Admiralty Bay


Our research in Admiralty Bay and used facilities at Henryk Arctowski station has revealed significant quantitative changes during last 35 years and has demonstrated specific trends in the system’s variability. Air temperature has increase by 0.02- 0.04EC annually. There has also been pronounced deglaciation. Biological changes in this part of the Maritime Antarctic follow the local and global natural changes of climate, but they also sure reflect anthropogenic changes. Our studies have considered the distribution, seasonal and multi-annual changes in the number of both native and introduced species. We have identified the most important terrestrial and maritime organisms in Admiralty Bay, specifically the major primary producers and secondary consumers. This has allow us to estimate the flux of matter in this maritime/costal ecosystem.