Jeszcze o anonimowych recenzentach W odpowiedzi na artykuł Profesora Zbigniewa Spendela


  • Lilla Moroz-Grzelak Instytutu Slawistyki PAN, Warszawa

Słowa kluczowe:

anonymous reviewers, intellectual property, ethics


This paper is a response to the article of Professor Zbigniew Spendel, who belongs to the group of ”anonymous” reviewers and who referred to the earlier statements of the author, in her article Ethics in research and impunity of anonymous reviewers [”Nauka” nr 1/2013]. Advocating the allegations raised in his article An ethics, a psychology or a philosophy of science? [”Nauka” nr 3/2013], Lilla Moroz-Grzelak pointed out a number of important issues raised by Professor Spendel in his polemic concerning the problem of impunity of anonymous reviewers. The main aspects are the issue of intellectual property and a significant matter of mentality and the human response to criticism. Lilla Moroz-Grzelak referred to the method of argumentation used by Professor Spendel who challenged the statements, which are not present in the original paper. In addition she noted the fact that Professor’s opinions do not offer actual solution to the problem and are an example for discussion, in which the main issue becomes merely the background for not essential speeches and innuendos against anyone who dared to have a different opinion.