No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents

University autonomy and innovative self-organization
Jerzy Axer
A vision of the future of the university
Andrzej Kajetan Wróblewski
Violating the principles of propriety versus breaking law
Andrzej Paszewski
Confession or science – a real or a fictional dilemma?
Zbigniew Drozdowicz
Dark sides of religious systems
Tomasz Polak
GMO, a hungry world, and business
Jerzy Buchowicz
Committee on Evolutionary and Theoretical Biology (1974-2009). Contribution to the discussion on the role of Polish Academy of Sciences scientific committees
Leszek Kuźnicki
Non-specific treatment factors and the effectiveness of alcoholics' treatment
Lidia Cierpiałkowska, Jowita Kubiak
Aggression and quarrel in the media and common speech usage
Zbigniew Kloch
The misery of small states. The idea of Central Europe in the thoughts of István Bibó
Jerzy Snopek
The Parliament of the First Polish Republic in the light of modern studies
Henryk Olszewski
Scientific publishing models – questions and challenges for publishers
Bożena Bednarek-Michalska
Meeting celebrating the 80th birthday of prof. Andrzej Walicki
Stanisław Mossakowski