In memory of Stanisław Lorenc, Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University in the years 2002–2008

Andrzej Muszyński, Kazimierz Przyszczypkowski


Stanisław Lorenc graduated from the Wrocław University, where he obtained his master degree in geology. In 1973, he was awarded a doctoral degree, in 1980 he obtains habilitation (postdoctoral degree) and in 1994 he was promoted to full professor. In 1988 Stanisław Lorenc moves to Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and became a director of the Institute of Geology. He gained a global reputation as an explorer of the ocean floor. In the years 1996–2002 professor Lorenc was the vice-rector in the team of the then rector, prof.  Stefan Jurga. In the years 2002–2008 he was the rector of the University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Rector's term of  Stanisław Lorenc covered a wide spectrum of  scientific research, education, development of the scientific staff, international cooperation and  cultural, sporting and social activities, student affairs and infrastructure. The most important at the university for prof. Stanisław Lorenc were people of academic and administrative staff, students and all those who collaborated with the university. Saying farewell during academic senate the rector, prof. Andrzej Lesicki, said: You were not only a great rector, an outstanding scholar, but also, and perhaps above all, a good, warm man. Professor Stanisław Lorenc died on January 19, 2020. He was 77 years old.


rector; AMU; geologist; Stanisław Lorenc

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