Past, present and future of academic education

Grażyna Wieczorkowska, Grzegorz Król, Jerzy Wierzbiński


In the text we summarize changes that have occurred in academic education during our professional life span. We point out, i.a., that (1) Contemporary universities are communities of people seeking not the truth, as it was years ago, but the business success, which can be achieved through competition between both individuals and universities; (2) At the time of the mass of academic training, mass production of studies and publications, rewards go not to those who write when they have something to say, but to those who write and publish non-stop, (3) It is absurd to claim that universities provide educational service, since the quality of this “service” depends both on the effort of lecturers (service providers?) and students (clients?). Universities of the future will become places for acquisition of experience in controlled conditions, according to the model of an intellectual gym.


future of academic education; academic capitalism; information smog; plagiarism; citation index

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