The legal and moral aspects of the publishing

Maciej Pigłowski


In the article the activities linked to the creating of the scoring of publications new system are presented. There is also the rules of the previous system summarized (the articles in the journals and the scholarly monographs/ academic textbook, the disadvantageous relation of points for monograph to the points for the article in the journal, the irregularities in the interpretation of the scoring of publications system). In the article also pointed the other irregularities and the difficulties linked to the publishing: the incorrect counting of points, the using contacts to evaluate the scientific achievements, the auto- plagiarism and the auto-citation, the forcing the co-authorship, the disadvantageous partition of points between the co-authors, the necessity of the simultaneous adapting to the requirements of many persons in the higher positions. Thus, all presented issues are considered in the moral context.


scoring of publications; irregularities in the publishing; difficulties in the publishing

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