Learning outcomes in Poland: a UK perspective

Marcin Duszyński


The reform process initiated in 2010 by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education is intended to introduce sweeping changes in Polish HE. A key proposal is the introduction of a National Qualification Framework, part of which are learning outcomes (LEs). The reality is that, in most institutions the NQF are seen as a burden, to be implemented in a minimalistic manner: learning outcomes are a series of words to be added to subject syllabi in a mechanistic exercise. The United Kingdom has a much more advanced system where LEs are implemented and contribute to an effective quality assurance environment. Polish HE institutions can benefit from introducing UK-style solutions that would take them far beyond anything proposed (or maybe even envisaged) by the Ministry. Changes would encompass: subject syllabi, content, assessment, degree organisation as well as the interaction between academic staff and the institution and the student.


Poland; higher education; reform; learning outcomes; national qualification framework

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