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No 3 (2016) Voice in the debate “The young in science” Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Rafał Urbaniak, Magda Dubińska-Magiera
No 1 (2007) W sprawie przyspieszenia awansu naukowego Details   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Zoll
No 1 (2004) Warsaw memorandum on the status of plant molecular biology programmes and prospects in enlarged Europe Details   PDF (Polish)
Warsaw Memorandum
No 1 (2014) Water resources and their use Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Małgorzata Gutry-Korycka, Andrzej Sadurski, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Joanna Pociask-Karteczka, Lesław Skrzypczyk
No 4 (2010) Water-related threats Details   PDF (Polish)
Zbiniew W. Kundzewicz, Maciej Zalewski, Andrzej Kędziora, Edward Pierzgalski
No 1 (2011) What are the Scientific Committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) for, and whom they should serve (compared to remarks on culture and engineering and final conclusions) Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Napoleon Wolański
No 3 (2006) What decides about the scientific / methodological identity of theology? Details   PDF (Polish)
Tomasz Węcławski
No 3 (2010) What does ethics have to offer to researchers, academic teachers and organisers of scientific life? Details   PDF (Polish)
Halina Promieńska
No 2 (2011) What is a religiology? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Bronk
No 1 (2005) What is determined and what random in biological systems – when does freedom begin? Details   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Paszewski
No 2 (2012) What is the purpose of the Academy? On the majesty of science Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jerzy Marian Brzeziński
No 3 (2018) What kind of humanities the Poles need at the beginning of the 21st century? Confessions of a teacher of humaniora Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Cyprian Mielczarski
No 3 (2014) What shall we do with philosophers and philosophy? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Zbigniew Drozdowicz
No 4 (2013) What stimulates innovation – what hasn’t Poland done yet? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Maciej Żylicz
No 3 (2010) What the ethics of human sciences is about? Details   PDF (Polish)
Jerzy Szacki
No 3 (2011) What was and what is the study of religion? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Zbigniew Drozdowicz
No 2 (2006) What we can learn from Charles Darwin’s files Details   PDF (Polish)
Adam Urbanek
No 3 (2011) Where is PAN heading for? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jacek Kuźnicki
No 1 (2012) Where is PAN heading for? Answer to the article by Jacek Kuźnicki Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Michał Kleiber
No 2 (2015) Where is social scientific movement heading in Poland? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Zbigniew Paweł Kruszewski
No 2 (2006) Where the first pyramid was erected? Details   PDF (Polish)
Karol Myśliwiec
No 1 (2016) Whether intelligentsia transforms itself into middle class? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Henryk Domański
No 1 (2018) Who am I? Identifications and social identities Upper Silesia case Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Marek S. Szczepański, Anna Śliz
No 4 (2012) Who needs social sciences? Social sciences in Polish and European research area, and in solving developmental problems Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jerzy Wilkin
No 3 (2010) Why it is so difficult to be a good university professor in Poland? Details   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Szostek
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