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No 1 (2019) Actualization of human potential as a criteria of successfulness of its development Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Błażej Smykowski
No 4 (2016) Adam Bielański (1912-2016) Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Małgorzata Witko
No 3 (2014) Adam Urbanek (1928-2014) and his search for meaning of evolution Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jerzy Dzik
No 1 (2011) Admiralty Bay and Arctowski Station of Polish Academy of Sciences Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Stanisław Rakuza-Suszczewski
No 1 (2008) Advances in domestic animal genomics Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Marek Świtoński
No 1 (2014) Advantages and disadvantages of introducing Framework for Higher Education Qualifications Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, Antoni Ligęza
No 1 (2017) Advice as persuasion: a rhetorical framework Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Maria Załęska
No 1 (2013) After postmodernism, or strong identifications and weak identities Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jacek Kubera
No 2 (2014) After the Congress of Academic Culture Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Piotr Sztompka
No 2 (2011) Again about „parochial science” Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej M. Brandt
No 2 (2010) Aggression and quarrel in the media and common speech usage Details   PDF (Polish)
Zbigniew Kloch
No 1 (2020) Agnosticism of scholars – selected forms Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Zbigniew Drozdowicz
No 4 (2010) Air pollution and municipal solid waste management related risks Details   PDF (Polish)
Katarzyna Juda-Rezler, Piotr Manczarski
No 3 (2016) Aleksander Gieysztor president of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the turning points of Poland history Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Leszek Kuźnicki
No 4 (2012) Aleksander Jabłoński and the Brothers Vavilov on the 80th anniversary of the formulation of the Jabłoński diagram, 70th anniversary of the death of Nicolai Ivanovich Vavilov, and 62nd anniversary of the death of Sergei Ivanovich Vavilov Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Józef Szudy
No 1 (2017) Aleksander Koj in the memories of his alumni and co-workers Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Joanna Bereta, Hanna Rokita
No 2 (2015) Alhazen and Witelo, and the International Year of Light Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Józef Szudy
No 2 (2011) Alina Witkowska (1928-2011) Details   PDF (Polish)
Michał Głowiński
No 2 (2013) An ethics, a psychology or a philosophy of science? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Zbigniew Spendel
No 1 (2011) An introduction to systems biology Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Mieczysław Chorąży
No 3 (2017) An overview of the science, technology and innovation policies in Latin America Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Joanna Gocłowska-Bolek
No 4 (2013) Analog and digital science communication in Polish Academy of Sciences Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Martyna Sabała
No 2 (2006) Analysis of research achievements of biological institutes of the Division of Biological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences Details   PDF (Polish)
Leszek Kaczmarek
No 4 (2016) Analysis of structure of ranked economic academic journals in the institutional section Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Marek Kunasz
No 4 (2017) Anarcho-capitalism, or can we do away with the state Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Stanisław Wójtowicz
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