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No 3 (2016) Homo sapiens in Europe – the history written in DNA Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Ireneusz Stolarek, Marek Figlerowicz
No 2 (2009) Honesty of scientists and reliability of science. Practice Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Maciej W. Grabski
No 4 (2020) Hope in literature Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Piotr Śliwiński
No 2 (2009) Hope – a key to the art of life Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Józef Kozielecki
No 4 (2020) How a novel The Man with White Eyes (The Bad) became the Iliad Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Krzysztof Mrowcewicz
No 4 (2010) How expensive is a good university? Details   PDF (Polish)
Jerzy Wilkin
No 2 (2011) How much of uncertainty about global warming? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Ludwik Tomiałojć
No 2 (2019) How the mind is ageing? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Czesław S. Nosal
No 4 (2019) How to best utilise forests for carbon dioxide sequestration? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jan Kozłowski
No 4 (2016) How to bring a scientist and an entrepreneur together? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Anna Ajduk
No 4 (2012) How to put down burning piles? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Janusz Tazbir
No 2 (2009) How to search herbicide stress in plant system at molecular level? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Małgorzata Korbin, Kazimierz Adamczewski, Tomasz Twardowski
No 1 (2011) Human Terrain System, or a new anthropology in a new era Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jarema Drozdowicz
No 4 (2019) Humanistic context of the great challenges of science Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej B. Legocki
No 1 (2015) Humanities, National Programme, or trust in crisis? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Grażyna Borkowska
No 2 (2016) Humanities necessary for political scientists Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Bogdan Szlachta
No 3 (2020) Hypotheses and dilemmas around the origin and uniqueness of life Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej B. Legocki
No 4 (2015) Impact of research projects granted from Horizon 2020 Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Katarzyna Tarnawska
No 1 (2008) Impacts of global climate change Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Zbiniew W. Kundzewicz
No 2 (2007) Imperiów wzloty i upadki – czyli wojna, pokój i znów wojna Details   PDF (Polish)
Piotr Tryjanowski
No 1 (2017) In chase of statistically significant result. Consequences of widespread use of NHST (null hypothesis significance testing) in psychology Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Karolina Karpe
No 2 (2020) In memory of Professor Bogdan Ney, researcher and a wonderful man Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jan Kryński
No 4 (2020) In memory of Professor Jerzy Jankowski, statesman of Polish geophysics Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Waldemar Jóźwiak, Paweł Rowiński
No 4 (2019) In memory of Professor Lech Wojtczak, researcher and person Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Maciej J. Nałęcz, Jerzy Duszyński, Adam Szewczyk
No 2 (2020) In memory of Stanisław Lorenc, Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University in the years 2002–2008 Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Muszyński, Kazimierz Przyszczypkowski
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