No 3 (2010)

Table of Contents

Jerzy Pelc
Relation between ethics and science in metascientifc framework
Zygmunt Hajduk
What does ethics have to offer to researchers, academic teachers and organisers of scientific life?
Halina Promieńska
The ethics of counterexample and the endeavour for great syntheses in social sciences
Witold Marciszewski
Should people of science tolerate stupidity?
Zbigniew Szawarski
What the ethics of human sciences is about?
Jerzy Szacki
Polish humanities after Max Weber
Andrzej Bronk
Moral principles and history
Maria Bogucka
Some symptoms of moral anomy of Polish society
Hanna Świda-Ziemba
A few remarks about relations between law and ethics
Ewa Łętowska
Ethics, science, law
Marian Filar
Scientist in politics
Maciej W. Grabski
Parochial science
Maciej W. Grabski
Examples of the consequences of scientists participation in political activity during XX century
Mariusz M. Żydowo
Scholars in politics
Andrzej Paszewski
Do media corrupt science?
Magdalena Bajer
Doctors on strike – a clinician’s view
Tadeusz Tołłoczko
Science and its employees
Tadeusz Tołłoczko
Ethical situation of academic education in Poland. Selected determinants
Aniela Dylus
Mass culture and post-modernism as factors shaping scientific life in Poland on the treshold to the XXIst century
Maria Bogucka
Ethics in science. New challenges and new dilemmas
Halina Promieńska
Criticism in the spotlight. Saul Smilansky's paradox of the beneficial retirement
Barbara Chyrowicz
On kind-hearted reviewers
Jan Burchart
Structure of scientific groups and problems of ethics of science
Jan Woleński
Why it is so difficult to be a good university professor in Poland?
Andrzej Szostek
The moral integrity of the scientific research
Andrzej Grzegorczyk