In memory of Professor Bogdan Ney, researcher and a wonderful man

Jan Kryński


Bogdan Ney was born on 3 February 1935 in Pinsk. After graduating from high school in Tarnow in 1952, he attended the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, where at the Department of Mining Surveying he received his MSc degree in 1957. At the same faculty he obtained his PhD degree in 1963 and habilitation in 1977. Two years later he was awarded the title of extraordinary professor of technical sciences, and in 1989 – the title of full professor.
His scientific career started in 1957 at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow working as an assistant at the Department of the Descriptive Geometry, which from 1960 he continued in the Department of Geodesy and Surveying Data Processing. In 1969–1974 he served as the deputy director at the Institute of Mining and Engineering Surveying of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. His scientific interest focused on the problems of errors in surveying measurements, adaptation of some statistical techniques to the needs of surveying and development of surveying calculation methods, and methods and techniques of inventory, implementation and control measurements in engineering and engineering surveying. In 1974 Bogdan Ney was transferred to the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK) in Warsaw for the position of director of the Institute which he held until 1991. In 1986, he was elected a corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), and in 2002 a full member of PAS. As the director and then the head of the System Research Laboratory of IGiK he was further involved in research, providing valuable contributions in the following fields: the use of principles and techniques of aerial and satellite remote sensing in various fields of science and applications; general, organizational and economic problems of surveying and mapping as well as related disciplines; spatial information systems; scientific and scientific-technical policy. In 1991–1997 he continued his educational activity lecturing at the Military University of Technology. The entire scientific achievements of Bogdan Ney consist of more than 300 publications, and many presentations on national and international conferences and seminars. His was the author/coauthor of 24 monographs, 6 textbooks and many other scientific reports. He successfully supervised 10 PhD students. Bogdan Ney had great achievements in organizational and social activities. He was active in numerous committees, councils, societies and associations. In 1998 the Agriculture-Technical Academy in Olsztyn honoured Bogdan Ney awarding him an honorary doctor degree. Bogdan Ney enjoyed widespread recognition of the scientific community due to his high culture, responsibility in carrying out numerous duties, supporting young scientists, outstanding ability to solve conflict situations and sincere kindness towards all people. He was not only a respected scientist and authority, but also a wonderful man, full of tact and warmth, admired and liked by colleagues. Professor Bogdan Ney, age 85, passed away in Warsaw, on 23 March 2020. He was one of the outstanding surveyors with wide reputation in the scientific community.


Bogdan Ney; geodesy and cartography; engineering surveying; spatial information systems

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