Reflections on the contemporary university in the context of book „Freedom, Equality, University”

Marcelina Smużewska


The inspiration of the text was a book edited by Cezary Kościelniak and Jarosław Makowski “Freedom, Equality, University” (Warsaw 2012: Civic Institute). It is a collection of essays considering our local higher education (HE) problems, global trends, various national perspectives (only European) and views of policymaker – Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education. It turned out that the autonomy of the university lost to global trends in HE and economy in general (diversification, commoditization, massification, economical efficiency) and Poland is to become a ”scientific backwater” of Europe. We have no other option than to follow European model of HE. The article is arguing with such views.


university; studies in higher education; policy; local problems; global trends

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