Do we create a generation? Some remarks on contemporary Polish youth

Witold Wrzesień


Since 1989 Polish youth, as well as all Polish society, experience dynamic changes of economic, cultural and social environment. These changes affect process of generation change and make generation observations quite interesting. The article is composed of several impressions on contemporary Polish young generation group, which I call European searchers. The reader will find characteristics of some features of generation situation in Poland, the influence of the specific socialisation actions between parents and their growing up children, some remarks on the impact of technological revolution and comparison to Generation Y. The last part of the article is devoted to sociological analysis of the sense of generation identity of European Searchers. Analysis, based on the several years of empirical studies leads to conclusions portraying both, the attitudes and appraisals of contemporary young generation and reality of youth environment and culture at the beginning of the new century.


generation; close generation; social identity of generation; sense of generation identity; European searchers

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